What we do

We assist Boards and Senior Management on three main outcomes to deliver sustainable business success and satisfy conduct and prudential regulatory requirements.

Financial Soundness

We see financial soundness as the cornerstone of our offering, covering most of prudential matters that financial institutions face.

We offer business model and prudential diagnostics. We can support risk quantification, with a keen focus on operational risk and climate change risk.

Operational Resilience

We see operational resilience as the new frontier to manage cyber, technology and business process risks.

We offer readiness health check and support services on your journey to become a more resilient organisation.

Culture & Conduct

We see culture and conduct as the main drivers of good customer outcome and sustainable business success.

We offer health check on conduct, culture and governance matters. We support organisations in the design and implementation of their accountability framework (SMCR). 

We provide tailored support for executives going through Senior Manager approval process.