Our Partners

We are combining our market leading insight, industry knowledge, regulatory expertise and commercial awareness.
Our partnership aims to deliver unique insights and recommendations to help businesses understand the competitive landscape and execute great strategies for profit, sustainability - and most importantly for customers.

Consumer intelligence is an insight partner for financial services, inspiring confident decisions that build consumer trust. At Consumer Intelligence, we gather unique data and intelligence through the eyes of the customer to understand the market. Our unique collection of company data helps all the players understand the competitive landscape. We blend this with our consumer research, so we know the why of customer behaviours. Put those two things together and the magic begins.

We are bringing together our collective industry and regulatory experience around risk management, risk modelling and regulatory change – gained across banking and insurance sectors.
We are focusing specifically on operational risk management and climate change financial risk management.

Elseware is specialized in risk modelling and quantification.
Elseware analyze and assess operational risk scenarios using a structured method and a simulation software (MSTAR). This method is used by leading financial institutions for regulatory (CCAR, ICAAP) and non-regulatory applications (KRI, risk management).
This method is now applicable for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

We are delivering solutions to build outcomes based conduct framework. Governor Software and Sicsic Advisory formed a strategic partnership to revolutionise how UK regulated insurance firms can stay compliant in a constantly evolving regulatory environment.

Governor Software supports senior risk and compliance executives at financial institutions maintain governance and oversight through clear visualisation of their regulatory obligations and risk appetite.
Their team have first-hand experience of the production and oversight of governance information within financial institutions. Empowered with this unique knowledge, Governor have taken a fresh approach to addressing these challenges; using visualisation technology to efficiently tackle the issues associated with governance and oversight.